On the Issues

As expressed by The Centrist Project. Visit their site for official information in regard to centrists and their stances at a national level.


Fiscal Responsibility


We are committed to putting the nation on a sound fiscal path. We recognize that this will require a combination of revenue increases, spending cuts and reforms to our major entitlement programs.


We need to take full advantage of America’s remarkable economic potential. This includes respect for markets; promote responsible free trade; build and maintain a twenty-first century infrastructure; create a more efficient tax system; restore fiscal sanity by bringing the overall budget back in balance; and rebuild our international institutions to handle modern issues that transcend national borders.


Functioning Government


We believe in putting the nation’s long-term interests ahead of the electoral interests of a political party or any narrow interest group.


Government should be pragmatic. Solve problems. Rather than a rigid ideology, governance is a process. We ask: what’s the problem we’re trying to address, why isn’t the market fixing it, and what policy would produce a better outcome? What are the tradeoffs? Then, take appropriate action that makes us collectively better off than we are today.


Economic Opportunity


We believe the role of government is to create an environment in which the private sector can thrive; to provide a meaningful safety net; and to ensure that every American has an opportunity to achieve his or her economic potential.


We have to modernize our programs for the twenty-first century economy. We need to invest in human capital (early childhood education, quality K-12, and modern workforce skills). And, we need a safety net that is finely targeted; benefits should go to those who really need them.


Solving Problems


We realize that governing a nation of more than 300 million people is inherently difficult and contentious. Sometimes we must set aside ideological purity if it leads to achieving things that are broadly consistent with our views. Our behavior should be guided by the most important lesson of the United States Constitutional Convention: In a vibrant democracy, compromise is an essential source of strength.


Social Tolerance


We believe that the federal government should not involve itself in private behavior that does not affect the broader public. We should work to heal America’s division on social issues rather than exploiting them for political advantage.


When private behavior does not affect the rest of us, we ought to let individuals decide what to do. In return, we expect individuals to act reasonably and responsibly.


Environmental Responsibility


We will act as stewards of the environment for future generations. Climate change represents a real threat to the United States and the international community. We support international efforts to curtail carbon emissions, including policies that raise the cost of polluting behavior.